Store Sound Experience - Tatkraft Frankfurt 

The Sound that played at this Event in Frankfurt TatKraft was an experiment to encourage shopping.

To counter the current culture in which music in stores often comes from algorithmic computation, Frankfurt-local DJ Phillip Geselle (Ecuador Indio) who truly knows his music up and down, its context, its dynamism and its historical and aural clichés, and I performed and mixed a playlist to keep the customer in the space and encourage sales. 

The unusual sounds for Fashion Stores and events with nature recordings and street sounds layered over carefully chosen up-beat percussion, loops and melodies often known from movies and singing that was generally not in English was aimed to give a hip dreamy Art-Gallery feeling.

It allowed for the customer/ listener to take part and represent their knowledge, sensitivity and idiosyncrasies. Above all it signals to the customer that attention is being paid in a generous, original, specific and small- ego way.

(Full Set is on Soundcloud soon).

Role: Soundtrack, Live mixing and Playlist